Keep Your Halloween Costume Fresh and Clean

It’s officially fall, and that means it’s time to get your Halloween costume ready! At GreenEarth Cleaning, we understand parents want to protect their children against unwanted germs. New and/or old costumes should be properly cleaned before the big night of trick or treating. With our state-of-the-art, environmentally non-toxic system, you need not worry. Your costumes this year will come back clean, fresh, and germ-free. With these resources, we can provide you with the utmost quality of cleanliness and protection.

Sometimes children get dirty, and you want your children to look their best in their Halloween costume, and “wow” or scare anyone who sees them at their front door asking for candy. It does not go unnoticed that reused costumes can get a bit worn out over time, so if you’re repeating a costume, let us get it ready for you. And new ones may have been tainted by other children or adults trying them on; people touch everything and that passes around germs—we can take care of that too.

GreenEarth and our Affiliates value our customers and our cleaning process overall. You should not have to worry when you bring your costumes to your local GreenEarth cleaner. Our product and processes can remove germs, clean your costumes, and return them in that “like-new” condition, while also being kind to the earth. Weather can be harsh on costumes too, candy and juices can leave stains, and unwanted odors can build up from running around all night. For these things, we have the best quality, environmentally non-toxic solution.

Our system is non-toxic to the environment, gentle on all fabrics, and can clean at high enough temperatures to deactivate most bacteria and viruses. GreenEarth replaces traditional dry cleaning petrochemicals with pure liquid silicone, which is what makes it safe for the environment. With this, your old costumes can be restored, or new ones can be properly sanitized. The dirt, the germs, the candy stains—GreenEarth cleaners can help to erase the damage of time. You can expect a gentle, chemical-free clean if you choose a cleaner using the GreenEarth system, and rest assured, you will not be disappointed. Find a GreenEarth cleaner near you at our store locator.